Quiet Title Actions

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Retain Skilled Representation from a Los Angeles Real Estate Attorney Two parties with competing claims to the same property can result in a Quiet Title action to settle in favor of one of the parties. Actions which can give rise to a quiet title claim include when neighbors dispute the actual boundaries of their property, […]

Unlawful Detainer & Post Foreclosure Eviction

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Retain a Skilled Los Angeles Real Estate Attorney Today If you have been foreclosed on in error or wrongfully, filing an unlawful detainer will permit you to remain in your home until such time as the issue is resolved, giving you the time to contest your eviction. If you have received notice of an unlawful […]

Broker & Lender Misrepresentation

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Get Our Orange County Real Estate Attorneys on Your Side If a mortgage broker or lender has deceived you in the buying or selling of your property, you could be stuck with a mortgage you can’t afford. Brokers and lenders are obligated to always act in good faith: when they fail to live up to […]

Victim of Fraud

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Trusted Real Estate Attorney Serving Los Angeles Did some property owner perpetrate some form of fraud against you? If you were the victim of real estate fraud, the only option is to retain the services of an experienced Los Angeles real estate attorney to fight back. You are not alone and you could recover financial […]

Predatory Lending Litigation

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Los Angeles Real Estate Attorneys When anyone in the lending business attempts to take advantage of you—big banks, sub prime lenders, brokers, and appraisers—what you need to do is speak with a Los Angeles real estate attorney right away. Nobody should be able to defraud you or otherwise trick you into signing up for a […]

Wrongful Termination

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Reliable Business Litigation Attorney in Los Angeles Employees are let go of all the time. What makes a termination wrongful is when it is done for improper reasons such as for seeking workers’ compensation for an injury suffered on the job. If you feel you were fired for unjust reasons, you need to retain a […]

Theft of Trade Secrets

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A Los Angeles Business Litigation Attorney You Can Trust Thanks in large measure to the internet, especially social media, intellectual property claims are on the rise. Your trademarked products and the secret to those products are your property, considered confidential information against your competitors. If someone uses your business’ information without consent, they could be […]

Employment Disputes

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Business Litigation Lawyers Serving L.A. & Orange County Disagreements over employment issues such as discrimination or wrongful termination are complex legal matters which can leave plaintiffs and defendants confused as to how best to move forward. Thankfully, the Los Angeles business litigation lawyers at Oaktree Law are fully capable of offering you the knowledgeable legal […]

Breach of Fiduciary Duty

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Trusted Los Angeles Litigation Attorney Those entrusted to be the executor or trustee of someone’s will or trust have an obligation to discharge the specified duties in the interests of the beneficiaries. When a trustee fails in this regard, whether through inexperience or criminal behavior, they can be held liable. If you have been wronged […]