OakTree’s New Year’s Resolution

OakTree’s New Year’s Resolution

OakTree Law is committed to supplying our clients with the very best legal advice moving into 2022 and beyond. We continue to adhere to ethical practices and moral excellence in every facet of foreclosure and bankruptcy law. Our reputation lies in our ability to bring parties together and resolve disputes without unnecessary legal intervention. We […]

Estate Law 101: Estate Planning Basics

Estate Planning Basics

When you hear the term “estate planning” thoughts of sprawling estates with lush gardens and water features come to mind. But that isn’t at all a reality. The reality is, you don’t have to have to be a millionaire to need estate planning legal services.  So what is an estate and what is estate planning? […]

Short Sale Negotiation

Short Sale Sign; Orange County Foreclosure Lawyer

Once notorious for their difficulties, short sales are becoming a more common solution. Recent legislation has made it more difficult to process foreclosures, yet many banks still find that they have a backlog of homes. Unable to clear the backlog through traditional foreclosure, many may be more open to short sales. These factors can empower […]

Bankruptcy with Foreclosure Defense

Oaktree Law - The Missing Piece - Los Angeles Foreclosure Attorney

If foreclosure proceedings have already begun, a synthesis of bankruptcy and foreclosure defense may be appropriate. By first filing for bankruptcy, an automatic stay is placed which will stop the sale of your home while we pursue a course of action suited to your circumstances. Trusted Orange County Bankruptcy Attorney Oaktree Law is experienced in […]

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

What is Chapter 7 bankruptcy? Have your debts gotten out of control? Are you overwhelmed by credit card payments and fees or buried under medical bills? Are you tired of being constantly hounded by debt collection calls? Filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection may be your best chance to eliminate these debts, protect your family’s […]

Chapter 20 Bankruptcy

Oaktree Law - Keeping Your Home; Bankruptcy Lawyer in Los Angeles

What is Chapter 20 bankruptcy? In certain circumstances you can benefit by filing for Chapter 13 after a Chapter 7 filing. Commonly, known as ‘Chapter 20’ bankruptcy, you will be able to first discharge debt and then develop a repayment plan for the remainder. Dedicated Los Angeles Bankruptcy Lawyers OakTree Law attorneys understand the intricacies […]

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Lawyers Los Angeles

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy If you earn a good living but still find yourself in debt, Chapter 13 may be the option for you. Also known as the wage earner’s plan, Chapter 13 offers debt consolidation or reorganization for homeowners that earn a steady income but are facing a large debt burden. Trusted Orange County Bankruptcy […]

Bankruptcy or Debt Consolidation?

Oaktree Law - Bankruptcy or Debt Consolidation? Competing Offers; Bankruptcy Attorney in Orange County

Bankruptcy or Debt Consolidation: Which is Right for Me? It may be tempting to look to debt consolidation when faced with bills you are unable to pay rather than filing for bankruptcy. The unfortunate reality is that many who choose the debt consolidation route are worse off than before they started. Get Legal Guidance from […]

Bankruptcy & Divorce

Oaktree Law - Bankruptcy and Divorce; Couple being Counseled; Los Angeles Bankruptcy Attorney

Bankruptcy & Divorce Trusted Bankruptcy Attorney Serving Orange County & L.A. Anyone’s financial problems can be made much worse when dealing with serious family matters such as a divorce. The end of a marriage can man you have much less income with which to pay your bills. If you are finding yourself unable to repay your […]